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Pzzl’s - My first educational wooden puzzle with sound!

With pzzl’s we combine simplicity, quality  and sense in an app for kids. The wooden puzzle reinvented to 21th century. It’s a perfect learning tool for children to develop their skills.
Just like in the old-days but now we have added sound, high graphics and you can play it everywhere thanks to Apple.






The pzzl’s app consist out of 4 totally unique puzzles. The 4 puzzles are: Farm, Sealife, Safari and Birds. These puzzles are totally different from each other. So when buying the Pzzl’s app you buy the equivalent of 4 wooden puzzles but more because we have added the sound of the animals into the puzzles!

You can download the pzzl’s app by clicking on the “Available on the App Store” logo. The App Store lets you browse applications and download them directly to your iPad.





Within the selection screen of the app there are 4 choices, each one contains a unique set of animals and one tractor, in their natural surroundings. Which animals do you meet when playing the puzzle? Cow, sheep, pig, cock, chick, turtle, wale, squid, sea urchin, clown and tropical fish, peacock, toucan, woodpecker, hummingbird, oriole, lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, parrot, and a hippo.

We always want to exceed ourselves and the products we offer. So please do not hesitate to send any remark or suggestion to or directly to one of the founders.